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A Non-partisan Approach to Understanding Politics

Bad Politicians

What Qualifies A Person To Be A Good Politician?

A brilliant scientist doesn’t mean he or she would be a brilliant President, or even a brilliant politician. The reason for that is because the two disciplines are different.

Let’s take a brain surgeon for example. In fact, let’s take Dr. Ben Carson, a pediatric neurosurgeon. He went to medical school for eight years or more. He certainly is more qualified than I to be a brain surgeon. You wouldn’t want my hands anywhere near your brain. But you may pay big bucks to have Ben Carson's hands near your brain.

I am a webmaster. I write websites for the Internet. I would not pay Ben Carson one cent to write a website for me. Why not? Because that’s not his area of expertise. It’s mine. He wouldn’t know what to do build a website, or to be a cobbler, or to construct high-rise buildings.

Some people are elected to political office not because they are great politicians, but because their greatness excels in another discipline. Some might be great religious leaders or great scientists, and not know a thing about running a government. Some politicians are downright bad politicians because they were elected for the wrong reasons, but they were elected anyway.

To become an elected politician, you need certain skills and support:

  1. You need to be able to speak well and convince non-thinking people that your thoughts are good thoughts.
  2. You need a political support machine – one that will raise funds, schedule speaking engagements and be alert to what the competition is doing.
  3. You need a good counsellor to bring you up to date on things you should know for a particular interview – such as, “What is a snail darter?”
  4. You need the determination to stick it out even when things go bad.

Did you notice that not one of those things relates to politics? They all relate to how to get elected. A candidate may be totally ignorant on the history of his country, his state and even his district. He may not know any of the world leaders or what they are trying to do. He may have no organizational or executive skills. He may not realize the difference between Israel and Iran, nor even the role of the United States Supreme Court. He may not know the challenges facing American education or water supply. All he knows is how to get into political office… and collect a nice taxpayer-funded paycheck.

I like a lot of people. I love Dr. Ben Carson. I respect Albert Einstein. I follow my religious leaders. I respect Billy Graham and Pope Francis. I love my great Aunt Elda Mae. But not one of them would I vote for to put into political office.

I would vote for the person who has demonstrated political skills and promote the type of politics I myself thought about and want to support.


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