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A Non-partisan Approach to Understanding Politics

About Jerry

Jerry Brown, about 1960, in high school
Jerry Brown, about 1969, in Thailand
Jerry Brown, about 2007
Jerry Brown, about 2007

People who know me know I am a very partisan person. I am gay, conservative and Christian. I am committed to each of these descriptions because I have done soul-searching in each and made quality life-decisions regarding them.

I view myself as pragmatic. That is, I believe "If it works, use it."

In politics, if a political practice or doctrine frees the most people, leads to the greatest wealth of most people, makes the most people personally independent and strong, then use it. But if the practice makes them weak, poor and dependent on the government for survival, then lose it. Secondary to that, if something makes the government (which is only people with power) stronger by removing rights from non-government people, thereby making them politically weaker, lose it.

In religion, I decide whether a religious practice is simply a church-related doctrine, or is a Biblical based instruction from God on how we should behave. Strip church doctrine from Bible doctrine and stick to the Bible. If it is a lesson from God, use it; if it's simply a church practice, lose it.

In orientation, I decided if being gay was a choice I made. It wasn't. The choice was whether I should live pretending to be something I am not, or to live in the freedom of being who I am. If it makes me a better, happier and more godly person, use it. If not, lose it.

Some people who are stuck in their own church-religion and orientation see a conflict between being Christian and being gay. Then they use their own brand of politics to enforce their religious view on others. Therefore, after having studied the matter extensively, I wrote the book Key to Biblical Doctrine, to deal with that exact matter.

I've found that people argue vehemently and violently about politics. That is done either maliciously or ignorantly. Maliciously, by those who know they truth and know they are wrong but want to prevail anyway because their side delivers to them immense power and wealth. Or ignorantly, by those who believe their side is right simply because it is their side, and they deftly use all the arguments delivered to them by others.

Nobody is right in everything. Everybody is wrong in some things. The trick is to eliminate what is wrong as quickly as possible, and adopt what is right as quickly as possible. If I'm wrong, and I'm shown to be wrong by fact and logic, then I will drop my wrong opinion immediately and adopt the new way immediately, because I'm pragmatic. I want to be truly right, not simply to stop others from proving I'm wrong.

Simply arguing to be "right" regardless of fact and logic, in order to triumph over someone, is useless and annoying.

For this website, Politics by Jerry, I've put aside my partisan feelings – trying to prove I'm right simply because it's me – and strive to examine political matters using facts and logic in a non-confrontational way.



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